How to Protect Your Home From Fire

One of the things all homeowners fear most is fire. A fire is a serious threat to home security as it causes massive destruction, severe injuries or even death. The worst thing about fire is that since we need it, it is always around. It takes just a single mistake and in a few minutes, your house could be a pile of ash. As such, it is clear why every homeowner needs to do all they can to prevent a fire. Below are some tips to help you protect your home from fire:

1. Keep all flammable materials away from any sources of fire

If a product is flammable, it will most likely be indicated on the packaging. Any flammable products should be kept as far as possible to any sources of fire, ideally in the garage or an external shed. Also, keep such products away from the reach of young children. 

2. Install smoke detectors

As the saying goes, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. The first warning sign that there is a fire is smoke. Smoke detectors can help you detect a fire immediately it starts so that you can put it out before it spreads. Since it alerts you early, you have enough time to get to safety and ask for help.

3. Ensure there is no gas leak

A gas leak is terrible since it could be going on undetected for quite some time. When gas completely fills a room, it may cause an explosion if even as many as one matchstick is sparked. Ensure your gas is installed by certified Gas Safe technicians who know what they’re doing. Also, make it a regular habit to have your home inspected for gas leaks every once in a while.

4. Ensure there are no faulty electric connections

Electricity is one of the leading causes of fires at home. Electricity is wonderful, but when there are faulty connections, either it won’t work or it becomes a ball of sparks or which can cause a fire. You need to ensure all your electric connections are handled by licensed pros and tested for safety. 

5. Never leave candles burning

Sure, there is nothing more romantic like a candlelit dinner or more relaxing than having a glass of wine in the bathtub with a few candles lit. However, things can get ugly quickly if the candle burns out and transfers the flames to your kitchen table, bedside table, or wherever you had left it. If you have to use candles, always remember to put them out or at least place them in metallic candle holders that prevent them from setting things on fire.

6. Have a fire extinguisher... or two

A fire extinguisher is exactly what you need to put out a fire before it spreads. Most people know that, yet only a fraction of them have fire extinguishers at home. There are many types of fire extinguishers, both small and big, that you can buy for your home. Keep one close to the kitchen and another in the garage or any other easily accessible place. 

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