• Are Home Security systems hard wired or wireless?

    Both options are available, so ask your agent about both before deciding which one is better for you.

  • Do wireless systems run through WIFI?

    Yes, the wireless system will connect through home's WIFI connection.

  • Do Home Security Systems only protect against Home Invasion, or do they include fire and smoke protection as well?

    There are many different options available, but most homes are secured against home invasion as well as smoke and fire.

  • Are motion detectors standard in all Home Security systems?

    No, but that feature is available. If you are interested, inquire with your agent and they can provide details on options and costs.

  • Will my Home Security system work during a power outage?

    This will largely depend on the type of system you have. Be sure to inquire about the reliability of the system during a blackout before making your selection.

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