The Benefits of Motion Sensors in Your Home

You may have seen motion sensors in movies and thought they were things that are only used in bank vaults and by the rich. However, this is far from the truth. Motion sensors have become a key weapon in the home security arsenal for many homeowners across the US. As the name suggests, motion sensors detect any motion, which is translated into electric signals which make the burglar alarm go off. The following are some of the benefits of adding motion sensors to your home security:

1. Detects any unauthorized access
Motion sensors can detect and alert you immediately when burglars, thieves, and other criminals try to gain access to your home. If you have connected them to your alarm system, it goes off immediately when the thief’s movement is detected. It can also detect other threats such as wild animals depending on where you live and how you calibrate it.

2. Buys you Time
One of the things robbers have to their advantage is the element of surprise. If they catch you off-guard, you don’t get the opportunity to defend yourself or even call for help. Luckily, motion detectors are the solution. If you place them strategically, motion detectors can give you a warning immediately a threat is detected before them getting close enough to cause any harm. This gives you enough time to hide, call for help, or plan your defense.

3. They act as a watchdog when you are not around
Research shows that thieves target homes where the owners are not present or homes where people are asleep. If you have traveled out of town, you can have your motion sensors set up in such a way that you are notified on your phone or laptop f they are triggered. 

4. Pet exclusion
Most motion sensors have the pet exclusion feature that allows you to exclude your pets and certain animals from being detected. You don’t want alarms going off every time the neighbor’s cat comes to take a piss in the bushes in your backyard. This saves you from a few heart attacks and the embarrassment of having to explain to the authorities that there really were no robbers.

5. Improves Exterior Lighting
Having your external lights connected to motion sensors can be great for your home security and also for saving on your energy bill. Nothing will have a thief running faster than having the external lights come on immediately they set foot on your property. Motion detectors also can make a safe path welcoming you back home and deterring any intruders while at it. They eliminate the fear of arriving home to a dark home and tripping on any steps.

6. Peace of mind
People need to feel 100% safe in their homes. But, there are many people who don’t feel safe at home especially those who have been through traumatic events in the past. Motion sensors can give such people peace of mind knowing that there is no way someone can come into their home without them knowing about it first. 

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